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PT. KSM INDONESIA membutuhkan





RUKO MOI ( mall of infonesia ) Blok I no. 5B kelapa gading
Tlp. 021-45870497 Fax. 021-45870633
email :



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Curiculum Vitae

(Eko Soim, 2015-09-01 10:48)

Name: Eko Soim Teguh, im 23th years old. Unmarried. My document ( seaman book, paspor), certificate competency ( AntD n Ant V) certificate proficiency ( BST, SCRB, MFA, AFF, CCM, SAT, MC, TF, ISM CODE), and i have working experience : KM. Nene mallomo Chargo ship from 8/12/2012 until 25/03/2013. In PT. JULIE RAHAYU|| Kmp. Titian Murni Passanger Ship from 25/03/2013 until 8/12/2014. In PT. Jembatan Nusantara


(RAMADIANTO, 2015-08-30 07:44)

Address: Jln Arumdalu No. 44 RT:003 Rw:002 kel: Songgokerto Kec: Batu (MALANG)
Region: Moslem
Sex : Male
Status: Single
phone: 081234009838
email: dian87lesux89@gmail.com

Emergancy Contact
Name:Didi Junaidi
Address: Jln. Arumdalu No.44 Rt:003 Rw:002 Kel:songgokerto Kec: BATU

Certificate of competency : ATT V 6200422301T50512
Endorsement ATT V 6200422301TE0512

Type Of Document : Seaman Book
: Pasport

Type of Certificate : BST 6200422301010310 (process revalidation)
: SCRB 6200422301040307(process revalidation)
: MEFA 6200422301070307(process revalidation)
: AFF 6200422301060307(process revalidation)
: TFC 6200422301090311
: OTTP 6200422301100311
: SAT (process)
: SDSD (process)
: ISM CODE (ISM 1520032012)
Name of Vessel : MV. Kapuas Lestari Type: Cargo GRT:1155 KW: 1177
Rank: Oiler
Sign On: 08-01-08 Sign Off: 09-09-08
company: PT. Jasa Bahtera Mulia

: MV. MULIANIM Type: Container GRT: 3258 Kw:1520
Rank: Oiler
Sign On: 10-09-08 Sign Off:01-10-09
Company: PT.SPIL

: MV.Lucky Dolphin Type:Bulk Carrier GRT: 34261 Kw:8000
Rank: Oiler
Sign On: 03-10-09 Sign Off:24-03-10
Company: PT.SPIL

: MV.Lucky Mineral Type:Bulk Carrier GRT:27039 Kw:7497
Rank: Oiler
Sign On:13-04-10 Sign Off:29-12-10
Company: PT. SPIL

: MT. Great Type: Tanker GRT:198 Kw:800 Rank: Oiler
Sign On:04-05-11 Sign Off:16-06-11
Company: PT.SPIL

: MV.Lucky Mineral Type:Bulk Carrier GRT:27039 Kw:7497
Rank: Oiler
Sign On:17-06-11 Sign Off:27-12-11
Company: PT.SPIL

: TB.Atlantic Star 27 Type: Tug Boat GRT:91 Kw:2x120
Rank: 3/E
Sign On:01-03-13 Sign Off: 07-07-13
Company: PT.KPN

: TB.Brandon Type: Tug Boat GRT: 114 Kw:2x395
Rank: 3/E
Sign On: 10-11-13 Sign Off:

:MV.Armada Permata Type:Container GRT:9210 Kw:5994
Rank: Forman (Mandor)
Sign On:19-01-15 Sign Off:08-08-15
Company: PT.SPIL


(Muhammad Ma'mun, 2015-08-26 05:47)

Sertifikat yang saya miliki BST,SCRB,MEFA,AFF,SAT,SDSD,ANT D, PASPOR
Nomor HP 081328582040


(andi hary rosadi, 2015-08-20 18:57)

Nma saya andi saya melamar kerja di perusaah ini sertifikat saya ,bst,sat,sdsd,mfa,aff,scrb,paspor,buku pelaut

Re: jakarta

(andi hary rosadi, 2015-08-20 19:00)

Saya mau melamar kerja sertifikat saya,bst,sat,sdsd,mfa,aff,scrb,
Nmr hp,082299294730


(jumadil, 2015-08-18 09:31)

if you need deck cadet pleace call me,,this is my number 082393112533,,and my certifikat bst aff mefa sat sdsd rs as mc ism code

Request to join KSM indonesia campany

(Narwoto, 2015-08-11 08:47)

Exsperience japan longline and local cargo
If need oiler i am ready on bord now
Me certificate
Bst Scrb Mefa Aff Sat Sdsd Boct Rfew seaman bok padport
Plece call me 085814412033 or 081315129534

Re: apply

(RISAL, 2015-08-18 04:41)

If need oiler, i am ready on bord now
Me certificate
Bst Scrb Mefa Aff Sat Sdsd Boct Rfew seaman bok pasport
phone no . +6281283999345

tahnks for attention....

General cargo

(Narwoto, 2015-08-11 08:39)

If need oiler i am ready on bord now
Experience longline japan and local cargo
Me certificate
Bst Scrb Mefa Aff Sat Sdsd Boct Rfew seaman bok pasport
Plece call me at 085814412033-081315129534 tanks

request to join ksm company as a cadet

(eka febrianto, 2015-08-09 08:30)

best regards
my name eka febrianto , im a cadet from maritime academy national of indonesian in semarang STIMART "AMNI" , i want to join in this company as cadet deck , i have good qualification , and you can contact me in email , cp (febriantoeka77@gmail.com) or phone number ( 081365304949 ) ,

warmest regards

Seabourn Yacht Hotel Job Offer

(Seabourn Yacht Hotel, 2015-08-05 18:56)

Seabourn Yacht Hotel
United Kingdom

Due to Expansion,we are seeking qualified candidates with the
knowledge, skills and attitude, passion for excellence and quality
service, who will fill the following vacant position below:

2nd / 3rd / 4th Engineer
Electrical Officer
Electrical / Engine Cadet
Motorman / Board Electrician / Fitter / Pump Man / Wiper
Master / Chief Mate
2nd Mate / 3rd Mate / Cadet
Boatswain / AB / OS
*Engineer / Chief Engineer
*Mate Engineer
*First Mate
*2nd Engineer
*2nd/3rd Officer
*Customer Care Representatives
*Arbic Teacher
*Banquet Manager
Chef / Cook / Guest Room Attendants
*Bar Staff
*Bell Attendant
*Concierge Agent
*Corporate Sales Manager
*Director of Hotel Sales
*Director of Hotel Operations
*Director of Operations
*Director of Maintenance
*Director of Marketing
*Director of Sales
*Front Desk
*Office Assistant
*Spa assistant
*Beauty salon assistant
*Telephone operator
*Accounting Supervisor
*Accounts Payable Clerk
*Accounts Payable Supervisor
*Accounts Receivable Clerk
*Accounts Receivable Supervisor
*Assistant Controller
*Corporate Controller
*Credit Manager
*Director of Finance and Administration
*Director, Purchasing Department
*Hotel Controller
*Night Auditor
*Payroll Accountant
*Payroll Assistant
*Payroll Supervisor
*Payroll Clerk
*Purchasing Manager
*Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

All candidates are expected to possess professional qualification
appropriate for each position and demonstrate quality work experience
in an international hotel, yacht or shipping

company.Remuneration range from 5,000.00 Great British Pounds to
10,000.00 Great British Pounds Monthly.

Applicant should send an application letter and their detailed
CV/RESUME, A passport photograph and current remunerations to the
recruiting Officer Mr Alex Cole via e-mail ( alexcole798@gmail.com )

Human Resource Department.
Seabourn Yacht Hotel

lamaran Kerja

(vera melinda, 2015-08-05 05:03)

Good morning Mr or Miss.. I'm Vera Melinda.. I stay in Jakarta.. I need job now.. I Have Sertificate ANT III, BST, AFF, MEFA, PSCRB, IMDG Code, SAT, BRM, MC, SSO, RS, AS, Ecdis. If you need ANT III please You Call me.. This Is My phone Number.. 082293031542


(Masari, 2015-08-02 14:33)

Personal Detail

Full name : Masari place/Date of Birth :Tegal,02 june 1988 Addres :Ds kertaharja Rt 001/002 Kec.kramat Kab.Tegal jawa tengah Mobile phon:+6282138698343 Nationality: Indonesian Religion: Moslem Sex :Male Maritial status: single Height/weight: 168cm/60kg

Travel Document

Passport no R887777 Seaman Book no B064787

Certificate of proficiency BST no 6202078392010713 PSCRB no 6202078392040315 Ratings no 6202078392330714 MEFA no 6202078392070713 SAT no 6202078392310315 AFF no 6202078392060315

Working Expirince

Name vessel :Mv.Chenyu no 7 Type :Cargo rever GRt/HP :1872/3600 Rank :O/s company :Tri ocean PTE LTD Singapore

Sign on :01 12 2006 Sign off :18 04 2007

Name of vessel:Mv chan yi Hsiung Type :cargo rever Grt/Hp :492/1200 Rank :O/s company :Tri ocean PTE LTD Singapore sign on :23 04 2007 sign off :18 04 2008

Name of vessel :Mv.Wakashio Maru 108 Type :Fishing vessel GRt/Hp:741/1300 Rank :Deck Hand Company :PT Harini Indonesia

sign on :10 07 2008 Sign off :18 03 2010

Name of vessel:Mv .wakashio maru 108 Type :Fishing vessel Grt/Hp :741/1300 Rank :Deck Hand Company :PT Harini Indonesia sign on :28 06 2010 sign off :23 01 2012

Name of vessel:Mv.Wakashio maru 108 Type :fishing vessel GRt/Hp:741/1300 Rank:Deck hand Company:PT Harini Indonesia sign on :20 03 2012 sign off :25 02 2013

Name of vessel :Mv.Fukusheki maru no 03 Type :fishing vessel Grt /Hp :439/1200 Rank :Deck hand Company :PT Harini Indonesia sign on :06 12 2013 sign off :22 11 2014


(febrianto peter latanna, 2015-08-05 04:57)

Good Morning.. I'm febrianto peter latanna. I Just Now Take my Sertificate ATT III.. I Have 9 Sertificate, BST, PSCRB, Mefa, TFC, AFF, SAT, ERM, MC, SSO.. IF you need ATT III.. Please You Call me.. My Phone Number.. 085240520026

cadet engine

(bill clinton siringo ringo, 2015-07-28 16:50)

Selamat siang bpk ibu ,
Saya taruna ami medan , bill clintin siringo ringo 20 thn , berharap dapat bergabung di perusahaan bpk ibu sebagai engine cadet
Kelengkapan sertifikat bst , mfa ,boct, aff , paspor dan buku pelaut
Jika ada lowongan no tlp saya : 082273928665
Sebelum nya saya ucapkan terimakasih

cadet 2015

(bayu sandi, 2015-07-24 20:15)

Mohon ijin bapak/ibu yang terhormat.saya ingin bergabung di perusahaan yang bapak/ibu pimpin sekarang, saya ingin bergabung sebagai cadet.. Siap on kapan saja.mohon ijin bilamana ada info atau lowongan mohon infonya.. 085726112255 Trimakasih


(WAHYU PAMBUDI , 2015-07-15 06:48)

(WAHYU PAMBUDI, 2015-15-07 11:45

i want to join your company for position as CADET ENGINE
.I have 5 certificate BST,AFF,MEFA,SCRB ,BOCT ON PROGRESS and semaman book and Paspor. I hope you can considering for give the your opportunity to join in your Company.
Please give me information for attention no.phone 0823 1450 1162 Email: wahyubudi207@gmail.com
Thanks Answer



(Russell Financial Company Ltd, 2015-07-13 23:07)

Do you NEED a personal or business LOAN without Stress and quick approval? If yes, contact us today as we are currently offering loans at superb interest rate Our LOAN is secured and safe, our client's Happiness is our strength.

We look for companies/individuals with an excellent management interested in growing their company, business or personal expenses; we are interested in a wide range of Investment proposals with an exception to "Trading Platforms and purchase of unbranded franchises".

If your company or you know of any company/individual with viable projects/proposals that needs financing, kindly send the Executive Summary or full Business Plan for our evaluation, if the project/proposal fits our criteria, you will hear from us within two working days. We pay referral fees on success. Well nice to meet you and I look forward to our Business acquaintance.

NB: Kindly send all your proposals to my personal email box: russellfinancialcompanyltd@yahoo.com

Russell Financial Company Ltd
Elliot Carter


(HERMANUDDIN, 2015-07-12 06:16)

Selamat siang sebelumnya....
Nama saya: Hermanuddin (28 tahun)
No Hp: 082280255589
Email : hermanuddin86@gmail.com
dengan ini surat lamaran singkat saya , saya lulusan dari spm ingin mengajukan lamaran ke perusahaan bapak/ibu yg memimpin . jika ada loker untuk Cadet Deck (tanker) ' sertifikat ' bst , sat , sdsd , mfa , aff , boct , saya ingin join ke perusahaan bapak/ibu yg memimpin , atas segalanya saya ucapkan terima kasih ,
Saya harap bpk dan ibu berkenan untuk memberi kesempatan saya untuk bergabung di perusahaan bapak/ibu pimpin.

wassalamu'alaikum wr'wb ...

cadet deck

(ilham, 2015-07-04 07:42)

Assalamu'alaikum ...
selamat siang sebelum'nya ,

nama : Ilham Gusti Afrezal (18) th

dengan ini surat lamaran singkat saya , saya lulusan dari spm ingin mengajukan lamaran ke perusahaan bapak/ibu yg memimpin . jika ada loker untuk Cadet Deck (tanker) ' sertifikat ' bst , sat , sdsd , mfa , aff , boct , saya ingin join ke perusahaan bapak/ibu yg memimpin , atas segalanya saya ucapkan terima kasih ,

wassalamu'alaikum wr'wb ...

cp ' 082299336316

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