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PT. KSM INDONESIA membutuhkan





RUKO MOI ( mall of infonesia ) Blok I no. 5B kelapa gading
Tlp. 021-45870497 Fax. 021-45870633
email :



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Apply for 3rd Officer

(Ruben.S, 2016-04-30 17:20)

Dear Sir/Madam
I’m is Ruben Salendehu from Jakarta (Indonesian) and i holding COC Class III fresh graduate. As well as other supporting certificates of compentency is found.I would like to apply as a 3rd Officer in shipboard of company fleet.For your consideration i’m also enclose my CV.If you have any job vacancies this is my local phone number +6281283927202/+6281386734939.Thank you so much for your attention.
Your faithfully,
Ruben Salendehu

AB di perusahaan bapak..!

(Agus supriadi, 2016-04-28 20:39)

Sertifikat yg saya miliki:
saya harap mohon dipertimbangkan, terima kasih.
Tlp: 081336274584
Email: Agus.50@yahoo.com


(VALDRAMA TANJUNG, 2016-04-28 16:32)

Dear PT. KSM Indonesia
I'm Valdrama Tanjung from "stimart amni" semarang. Here i would like for job position as deck cadet, and i look for job aplication. I have some certificate valid such as BST, MEFA, SCRB, AFF, SAT, RADAR SIMULATOR, ARPA SIMULATOR, BOCT, SEAMAN BOOK, PASPORT. I'm dicipline person and hard work.
I have urgent e-mail : valdramat@gmail.com
and urgent number : 082220938835
I hope, I can join in your good company.

Best regards

Valdrama Tanjung

Mr. Rahmat Nur

(DECK CADET, 2016-04-28 04:02)

dear PT. KSM INDONESIA. im Rahmat nur from Merchant Marine Academy (Makassar, Indonesia). here i would like apply for job position as deck cadet. i have some certificate valid such as BASIC SAFETY TRAINING, MEDICAL FIRST AIDS, ARPA SIMULATOR, RADAR SIMULATOR, ADVANCED FIRE FIGHTING, SEAMAN BOOK, AND PASSPORT. i decipline and hard worker. i have urgent E-mail : rahmatnur356@gmail.com. i hope you apply me be a deck cadet in your good company.

best regards

Rahmat Nur

deck cadet

(randi wijaya, 2016-04-27 19:12)

My name randi wijaya i looking for job as deck cadet.i have certificate stcw bst,aff,mfa,sat,boct,sdsd ,passport,seamanbook .urgent my phone numbers 089657555363 .email wijaya17randi@yahoo.com

My name is Benny Yanto, I am 46 years old, and my qualification is Marine

(Benny yanto, 2016-04-27 11:42)

Ship’s Name Vessel type Rank Engine Type Company

Sign Of Sign Off flag
MT.INTAN BAHARI Tanker C/E Mitshubishi/2506 PT.IWCI 11/08/94 22/02/95 INDO
TB.KIMI MAJU Tug boat 2nd/E Cummin’s/2112 PT.IWCI 28/02/94 10/06/96 INDO
LCT.GOODWILL STAR LCT 2nd/E Cattepillar/3758 Dominance Resource 13/08/96 25/01/99 MAL
TB.ASAHAN 1 Tug boat C/E Yanmar/2575 PT.JAYA 25/03/99 30/09/01 INDO
MT.ELIDA Tanker C/E Hanshin/2450 PT.SUPERIN 16/11/00 19/12/01 INDO
MV.CEONG REONG Cargo C/E Hanshin/3220 PT.PASAI 24/11/02 20/03/03 PANAMA
KM.SAMUDRA PASAI Cargo C/E Hanshin/3220 PT.PASAI 20/03/03 30/08/03 INDO
MT.PELITA LAUT Tanker 2nd/E Nigata/3852 PT.BURUNG LAUT 02/03/03 22/08/04 INDO
MT.OSCAR CARAKA Tanker C/E Fuji/2890 PT.OSCAR 04/12/04 30/02/05 INDO
MT.JOSEPHINE Tanker C/E Hanshin4255 PT.MULTI TRANS LINE 25/01/05 30/04/06 INDO
PSV.TOPAZ PSV 2nd/E Detroit/1348 I.O.S sdn bhd. 27/12/06 05/06/07 MAL
MV.IOS ANDARI I AHTS 2nd/E FUJI/4800 I.O.S sdn bhd. 03/09/07 20/01/08 MAL
MV.BHAVANI Bulk Carrier C/E Cattepillar/2277 Prestage pte ltd 24/03/08 28/06/08 PANAMA
MV.IOS JUMBO PSV 2nd/E Yanmar/4600 I.O.S sdn bhd 30/09/08 23/12/08 BELIZE
MV.IOS CHAMPION AHTS[DP2] 3rd/E SWD/10000 I.O.S sdn bhd 01/03/09 30/06/09 PORT KLANG
MV.PETRA FRONTIER AHTS[DP2] 2nd/E Yanmar/5220 PETRA 22/01/10 22/05/10 MAJURO
MV.ALADIN I AHT 2nd/E Mitshubishi/3600 W.S.S 17/05/11 10/09/11 KINGSTOWN
MV.MP.PRELUDE AHTS[DP2] 3rd/E MAK/8080 MARCOPOLO 15/11/11 25/02/12 INDO
MV.MP PRELUDE AHTS[DP2] 3rd/E MAK/8080 MARCOPOLO 30/05/12 12/09/12 INDO
MV.MP.VELOCE AHTS[DP2] 2nd/E MAK/5440 MARCOPOLO 30/09/12 13/01/13 INDO
MV.MP.PRELUDE AHTS[DP2] 3rd/E MAK/8080 MARCOPOLO 12/04/13 05/09/13 INDO
MV.MP.PREVAIL AHTS[DP2] 3rd/E Mitsubishi/9000 MARCOPOLO 26/09/13 06/01/14 INDO
.HELLESPT DAWN PSV[DP2] 3rd/E Roll Royce/10900 HELLESPONT 03/03/14 07/05/14 LIBERIA
SV.TERAS PEGASUS 3 AHT Tug 2nd/E Cummin’s/3200 TERAS OFFSHORE 24/06/14 29/12/14 SING
I certify these information above are the best of my knowledge and belief, true in every particular.


(KHAEFUDIN, 2016-02-25 08:39)

Good day Sir/ Madam,

Here I am Khaefudin,
I have certificate watch keeping as AB/OS
I would like to join to your good company
if you have suitable vacancy please call me
Phone number : 0817133009
e-mail : khaefudin99@gmail.com
I'm ready to follow all of procedure of your ship company.

It’s my appreciate to get your reply and your help

Sincerely yours,



(Hasan Hadi, 2016-04-26 15:12)

Apakah ada lowongan untuk cargo refeer.?

Cadet deck

(Abdul indra rosid, 2016-04-14 15:56)

Dear Sir or Madam, good day, i'm rosid. My age in 20th. I intend to apply a job at your company PT KSM Indonesia, for the position as  Deck Cadet and i am ready to be planned on board with route of voyage Determinated by the company. I have a valid documents as : BST, AFF, MFA, SAT, BOCT, PASPORT, and seaman book, i hope you will consider my word and would be place to call to interview at anytime to you, please you can call me from email or telephone : rosidhs@gmail.com / 082233294536 | thank you. Yours Faithfully (abdulindrarosid)

cadet engine

(Damsir, 2016-04-20 17:46)

Dear sir/mam,i would like to apply my CV to your company as a cadet engine.all doccuments you need i can give.please contact to my email damsir_teknik@yahoo.co.id or phone : +6285232082995 hopely you give me chance for join with your company.

Re: Cadet deck

(Rahmat hidayat mustamil, 2016-04-21 08:04)

Dear sir or Madam, goog morning, i'm rahmat i'm from merchan marine academy (PIP Makassar). i intend to apply a job you company for the position deck cadet, i have seaparer code, basic safety Training, Medical Firts Aid, Radar Simulator, Arfa Simulator, Advance Fire Fighting. i'm ready to be planned on board with route of voyage determinated by the company. i hope you call me,
number phone : 085342059396
e-mail : dayatrahmat412@gmail.com

Re: Cadet mesin

(Sofyan shidik, 2016-04-26 04:38)

Saya berniat untuk menjadi cadet mesin PT KSM Indonesia,saya siap untuk direncanakan di papan dengan rute pelayaran ditentukan dengan perusahaan. Saya memiliki dokumen antara lain: BST, AFF, MFA, SAT, BoCT, Pasport, dan buku pelaut, saya harap Anda akan mempertimbangkan kata-kata saya dan akan menjadi tempat untuk memanggil untuk wawancara kapan saja untuk Anda, silakan Anda bisa memanggil saya dari email atau telepon: iyansidik06@gmail.com / 082117667453 | terima kasih. Hormat saya (sofyan shidik)


(yuli ropiudin, 2016-04-24 17:22)

Nama: yuli ropiudin pengalaman kapal ikan japan. Ijasah RAITING A,sertifikat: BST,PSCRB,SAT,AFF,paspor, buku laut

engine departemen class 3

(Eko santosa, 2016-04-21 13:05)

Dear PT.KSM Indonesia,i have certificate of proficiency engineer class 3 and i would like to apply the position 3rd or 4th engineer on your company.mobile phone 081391216904 or email:santosaeko34@gmail.com

dear sir or mandam, good day, i'm dio my age in 21th,I intend to apply a job to compny PT KSM indonesia.

(Muchamad Dio Utomo, 2016-04-19 11:35)

To : Crewing ksm
I here be affirm that all the information provided by me in this from is true and correct to best of know ledge. I assure you thaty I will do my best to satisfy your job assignment. I should be grateful if you could grant me an interview.
Certtificate & document : Passport, seaman's book, BST, SAT, MFA, AFF, MC, BOCT,
Number telephon: 082188032066
Email : Dioutomo2194@gmail.com
Thank you
( muchamad dio utomo)

for ksm

(abd.azis, 2016-04-18 10:11)

Boss any vacancy / job for me
I have document coc att 1V, pasport, BST, SCRB, MEFA, AFF, TFC, SAT, SSO, ERM
Contac person:082333277227

enginer foreman

(kristiyanto marbun, 2016-04-14 20:30)

To Dear Mr /Mrs. I am grateful to you for posting the notification of the job vacancy on your official website. I am interested in applying for the oiler or enger foreman and become a part of one of the great company in the nation. I have no experience on board before, but I will give anything that I have, because I am a hardworker and a honest man. I am sure by joining your company, I will get many experiences to improve my skills and knowledge for my future. My resume attached herewith furnished with all my accomplishments and details. I would hereby request you to consider my application as I am sure we can work together for the betterment of your company. I have document held : seamen's book and passport. proficiency certificate :SEAMEN BOOK, PASPOR, ATT D, ATT V, BST, MEFA, AFF, SAT, SDSD, SSO, SCRB, TF, OT, BLGTcontac person : 081331430557email tian.marbun89@gmail.
com Thank you. Sincere Regards, kristiyanto marbun

Apply for deck cadet position

(Muhammad windy harjulianto putra, 2015-12-20 12:45)

Dear sir/mam,i would like to apply my CV to your company as a deck cadet.all doccuments you need i can give.please contact to my email windyputra94@yahoo.co.id or phone : 082240400580 hopely you give me chance for join with your company.

Re: Apply for deck cadet position

(Resda maulana, 2015-12-25 16:26)

Dear sir, My name is Resda Maulana. I'm Deck Cadet from akademi sapta samudra padang. I want to join with your company or Your Ships.. I have a Passport, Seaman Book, BST, AFF. Contact me : 085363496165. I hope you can accept me to work in your company or your ship . Thank you,

Re: Apply for deck cadet position

(Resda maulana, 2015-12-25 16:29)

Dear sir, My name is Resda Maulana. I'm Deck Cadet from akademi sapta samudra padang. I want to join with your company or Your Ships.. I have a Passport, Seaman Book, BST, AFF. Contact me : 085363496165. I hope you can accept me to work in your company or your ship . Thank you,

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